So there are these girls on Kik that I met like almost a year ago. Is it stupid that I love them more than my friends in real life ?

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Demi Lovato performing at Microsoft’s store opening in New York, June 21.

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Cosima makes a powerpoint

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Everybody is like OMFG CHAINS IS SO GOOS WTF. And then there’s me thinking it’s an okay song

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Part One

Callie and Jude 2/2 , Jude talks.. 2x06

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Fifth Harmony for Billboard

Fifth Harmony for Billboard

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I was just thinking about the victims of flight MH17, and realised that families have to wait days,weeks or months before they can lay their loved ones to rest. It must be increbile hard to wait until your loved ones are idetified, and it just hurts my heart to know in how much pain these families are..

There’s always a little moment in my day where I think of what they did in their last’s not that I want to think of it, it just happens and I can’t stop it. Then I think how lonely it must have been for the people that were travelling on their own without having someone close them, sitting next to them. I just get really mad thinking about it..

I have no Idea why this is affecting me so much , maybe it’s because of how many victims there are from The Netherlands. Maybe it’s because my Country, Our Country is so involved and close to it. I still can’t imagine the Pain of the people who lost their loved ones, I still can’t Imagine how you grieve when you still need to wait for the Identification.

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